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Specialty Subaru Services

Subaru Repair in Salt Lake City, UT 

At Kruger Auto Repair, we specialize in Subaru service. Our qualified technicians are available to assist with all your Subaru maintenance and repair needs. Your Subaru requires regular service to stay dependable, alongside the occasional repair service when parts fail prematurely or as expected from time and wear. 

For Subaru owners, there are three commonly reported repairs to stay alert for: 

  • Blown head gaskets
  • Coolant leaks
  • Catalytic converter failure

Our service technicians have access to the proper knowledge, parts, and equipment to repair common Subaru problems and restore dependability to your vehicle. We've been serving satisfied customers in Holladay, UT, Bountiful, UT, Salt Lake City, UT, and surrounding areas for over a decade.

Head Gasket Oil & Coolant Leaks

Certain Subaru vehicles manufactured in the late 90s and turn of the century are notorious for head gasket leaks. The most commonly affected makes from this time are the Outback, Legacy G.T., Forrester, and Impreza R.S. Each is equipped with a four cylinder 2.5L engine with a tendency to develop a leaking head gasket.

You may have a failed head gasket if you experience the following:

  • Overheating engine
  • White Smoke

The first sign of a blown head gasket is an oil weep. Overtime, this weep turns into a full leak and coolant begins to seep out and mix with the motor oil. If the head gasket leak goes uncorrected, the Subaru will overheat or blow white exhaust smoke.

What do I do next: The service technicians at Kruger Auto Repair are aware of Subaru head gasket problems. We identify head gasket problems early and repair them before leaks cause expensive damage to your vehicle.

Catalytic Converter Problems

The following are indicative of catalytic converter problems:

  • Shuddering / Stuttering & Vibrations
  • Stalling / Loss of Power
  • Decrease in Fuel Economy
  • Check Engine P0420 Code

Some Subaru vehicles (common in 1999-2014 model year vehicles) have a tendency to develop catalytic converter problems. Your Subaru may display a P0420 code (Catalytic Converter Efficiency Below Threshold). This means one of the oxygen sensors isn't working properly or another failure has occurred.

What do I do next: Schedule an appointment with Kruger Auto Repair. Our service technicians are familiar with specialty Subaru services including P0420 diagnostics, clogged catalytic converters, bad O2 sensors, and catalytic converter replacement.

If you drive a Subaru, trust your older or newer model year vehicle to the service staff at Kruger Auto Repair. Call (801) 483-3040 or schedule your service online today. We know your Subaru inside and out with technicians who have years of experience in the automotive service field. Let us put our expertise to use toward your vehicle.

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